About Us

Owned by one woman with a vision to create something different, she started this company out of her home office in 2018. She creates luxury organic soy wax candles, and tea lights that are eco-friendly and cruelty free. Anjha proudly handcrafts each one of the products and will always choose high quality ingredients as she is conscious of what we are putting into our mind and body. The natural crackling wood wicks add a warm, cozy vibe to her amazing scented crystal candle experience. This also means minimal carbon buildup, less debris and little to no toxin is emitted.

Although we stand by our products, we do NOT intend to sell anything to substitute as prescription medicine or a licensed physician’s advice. We simply highlight natural alternatives, and the art of manifesting good vibes while creating a healthy wellness consciously. Why crystals? Well, we believe everything is made up of energy, especially people. We are focused on eco-friendly lifestyles, and we indulge in the energy that's channeled inside crystals. The Earth provides them to us in abundance, and the best part is you can clean them and charge them easily with natural running water, fire, lunar and solar energy.